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* Total price will depend on complexity, added features and domain/hosting/maintenance fees (if applicable)

** A PayPal (or similar) account will be required for e-commerce features

*** Fully Bilingual (English/Spanish) $2800.00

Facebook vs WEB Pages

Did you know that U.S. adults are twice as likely to sign up for emails to stay in touch with a company rather than interact with that company on Facebook2? A report by Forrester makes that clear. It’s also clear is that when someone signs up for your email newsletter, they like you, they really like you.
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Multi-Platform Compatible

WEB Design -- Photography

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Disclaimer & Limitations

Since we charge lower than most designers or companies out there it means that we need to work efficiently to be keep to the project running smoothly and make the deliveries in a timely manner.This means that we need to keep revision to a necessary minimum.

We are confident in our ability to provide you with a design you like after the first or second time around. Obviously the more changes that need to be made the more time it will take, hence the higher the cost. My goal is to get the idea of an appropriate look (or several in some cases) and build from there through editing and modifying based on your feedback.

Indecisiveness can cause time to be wasted and avoidable costs to come up. Ultimately we do require a lot of trust from our clients, but you will not be disappointed.